Rain Gutter Cleaning & Repair Services

A well maintained gutter system and a clean and serviced roof helps drive the removal of both water and debris from the roof and foundation of your building. This provides optimal performance and protection to your structure and the surrounding landscape.

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Gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and maintenance are the most important aspects of keeping a tidy property. This helps minimize maintenance and keeps the building strong and structurally sound.

Since the Northwest receives a lot of rain, snow, and general wet weather, the risk of dry rot on and around fascia boards can lead to a serious problem.

Debris clogging your gutters can cause them to fail or leak. This can lead to costly problems with your homes structure and landscaping and walkways.

Gutter systems that are rusted, cracked or working inefficiently can lead to water damage on your roof, walls, and the foundation of your building.

Roof cleaning can prolong the life of your roof, and help maximize the lifespan of your gutter system and drainage systems. Let us help you with routine cleaning.

Roof moss removal is a very important part of roof maintenance and can help extend the life of your roof and maximize the life of your gutters.

Maintenance of your soffits and fascia is and important part of your maintenance routine to prevent dry rot or damage from water and insects.

Professional Gutter & Roof Cleaning

Most homeowners don’t notice an issue with their gutter systems until the problem is severe and water is leaking from cracks, puddling on the foundation or into interior rooms. Roof maintenance allows a professional to inspect any potential issues and minimize damage caused by leaks. Water runoff starts at the roof and down through the gutters and downspouts. This makes rain gutter cleaning and repair services as important as maintaining performant gutter systems.

Proper gutter cleaning 2-4 times per year is necessary to keep water flowing smoothly. This helps maintain your roof, keep your rain gutters performing at peak condition and prevents overflow from reaching your gardens or landscaping. Seed and leaves from trees land on your roof and flow down into gutters and downspouts. This blockage creates dams that make water run under roof boards or shingles. During winter weather, ice can form in these areas and cause even more damage.

Cleaning and Repairing Your Gutters Saves Money

Gutter repair services are a viable option when you encounter splits, cracks or detached joints in your gutter system. Myers Gutter Services can clean, inspect, repair and reattach any parts of your drainage system, helping to extend the lifespan of your gutters. Each problem has a unique solution, so calling a professional to handle gutter repairs will save you time and money.

Myers Gutter Services has the knowledge and the tools to tackle any issue you have related to rain gutters, roof cleaning and dry rot repairs. We can assess your property and any problems that exist. We create a scope of work, and a free estimate is always given with clear directions on how to handle your situation.

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