K-Style Gutter Installation

K-style gutters are one of the most popular gutter varieties in the Northwest. Both commercial and residential properties use this style gutter to move rainwater to the ground in an efficient manner.

Efficient and affordable K-Style gutters

K-style gutters have a unique bent shape to the front face of the gutter. The product is rigid and folded over with a smooth top to prevent debris from getting stuck in the gutter. K-style gutters are attached to the structure with screws and make use of brackets and include downspouts that generally direct water to underground drainage systems.

When to Replace Old K-Style Gutters

  • Gutters that need to be replaced often have waterfalls over the edge of the gutter. This can damage landscaping, lawns or gardens. Always double check gutters for clogs, leaves and branches blocking the downspouts.
  • Often you’ll encounter visual damage, holes, crack or rust with old k-style gutters. This can lead to damage becoming a much larger problem.
  • Water pooling by the foundation of the structure can cause structural damage, which leads to basement flooding. Old downspouts can be the cause of this issue.
  • Old gutters often detach from the roof which leads to these gutters not moving water efficiently.
  • The lifespan of K-Style Gutters tends to be around 20 years. At that point, replacing them is a sound investment.

The K-Style Gutter Experts

When replacing K-Style Gutter systems the old set is removed entirely and repairs to walls and roofs are done first. Careful measurements are taken and gutters are molded as needed off site. Brackets are attached to the walls and the roof edge and the gutters are placed and secured. Myers Gutter Services always pays close attention to the slope of each gutter to guarantee water runs through the downspouts and doesn’t pool in the gutter itself. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Guaranteed Quality Gutters & Downspouts

One of the most common problems for many homes is water damage. It can affect the structure and your comfort inside. Besides proper seals and quality roofing materials, new gutters & downspouts provide protection most efficiently by moving water away from other parts of the structure. If the system is compromised due to age, fallen branches, storm damage or wind, gutter and downspout repair or replacement is recommended. Myers Gutter Services takes pride in providing the best quality product at a competitive price.

When downspouts are damaged or plugged they can cause huge problems in the Willamette Valley rain. At Myers Gutter Services, we install downspouts, fitting your buildings configuration perfectly.

It’s a priority to keep your foundation and basement dry and free of mold and other toxic substances. Myers Gutter Services are drainage experts and offer many different underground drainage systems.

Fascia gutters are custom rolled and installed on site by our technicians, and are commonly used in commercial or heavy residential applications, seamlessly fixed directly to a fascia board.

K Style gutters are given this name because of the bent appearance of the front facing, which resembles the letter K. This shape helps move water off the roof and down to the ground effectively.

With seamless gutters, gutter leaks are eliminated and Myers Gutter Services guarantees years of worry-free performance with these rolled and built on site gutters, custom fit to match your home.

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